Tuesday, May 29, 2012


“Every generation needs a revolution” by Thomas Jefferson. Humans can never accept a monotone life style and always strive to get more or better whatever they have to bring some “radical” changes in their lives. This technological transformation has affected every field including the educational sector. Schools & Colleges have adopted and implemented Management Software for better administration and to concentrate more on the area of their core competence i.e. delivery of knowledge.

These days every school and college need to take care of lot many things like admissions, personal records of teachers and students, fees collection & expenses and  in order to have systematic management of the administration of institute, School/College Management Software is implemented.

Earlier the maintenance of records of students & teachers used to be the most tedious and hectic task for the institute. However with School/College Management Software for Colleges and Schools, the process of record storage becomes easy , secure , hassle free and time saving. Also with the automation of Fees collection, the administration are facilitated to have accurate record.

Managing a college can be a colossal challenge through the traditional systems and most colleges will agree that managing the daily and regular activities of a college is a herculean task. There are numerous functions, departments and sections that need to be coordinated and integrated within a single system.These software systems are one time investments for the management, and every college and university that wishes to grow in the field of education will find the platform an engrossing and beneficial one. Listed are some compelling reasons to invest in such software.

  • Bring professionalism -  School/College Management Software can ensure professionalism at all levels of the organization and introduces a platform that will convert most of the manual desk jobs.
  • Bring integration -  All functions and departments of all colleges can be integrated under School/College Management Software . This includes admissions, examination, payroll, accounts, canteen, stock and inventory, transport, hostel, etc. All the data that is stored on the software can be used for compiling and generating information at all points of time.
  • Offering security of data - Most of the School/College Management Software take the data security to a high level. The data of all sections and branches are stored in a web server that is secured through advanced systems. The data stored on the server can be only accessed by authorized persons of the top level management and regulatory bodies.
  • Better relations with students: School/College Management Software allow management of colleges to launch a virtual platform that can be used by students for contacting the college. They can gain knowledge about all the relevant information about the admissions, fee structure, semester’s examination dates, events and happenings. The physical notice board system will be replaced by an interface that is smart, adept and fast to access and interpret.
  • Real time report generation: School/College Management Software processes data gathered in a fast manner. As such, generating reports from the available data is not a daunting task. Management can use such reports, generally presented in charts and tables, for analyzing the performance of various departments.
  • Reduced work load: School/College Management Software are based on recording of data on a large platform without complicating the tasks. As such, this will reduce manual work and will put less pressure, and, college management software will be able to reduce the cost of regular work to as much as 60%.
  • Brings uniformity in operation: Every educational institution has its own set of functions. Although the functions of colleges and universities are same at the core, there are some differences in the mode of operation. School/College Management Software ensures that all functions of management are integrated on a single and effective platform that is scalable and easy to comprehend.

School/College Management Software is all about bringing a systemized way of managing the entire organization.The new college management software is a onetime investment and offers benefits to the management and students alike.

Moreover School/College Management Software for institutes provide a transparent mode of education, wherein the parents can always keep an eye on their wards progress, extracurricular activities,  events, meetings many more activities going on in the institution. Similarly , the students are well updated about their scores, assignments, faculty, timetable,notices through College Management Software.

It's very evident that such School/College Management Software for School & Colleges have made the lives easy for their stakeholders i.e. students, parents, teachers and management.

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Monday, May 28, 2012

E-commerce Marketing

E-commerce marketing is all about attracting web surfers to your site and, once there, to make them a customer. While overall similar to marketing a physical business, e-commerce marketing has some unique ingredients. For instance, marketing a physical store requires substantial enticement to move a customer to take the effort to physically come by your store location. It also means that the customer has an “investment” in the visit. They have expended time, energy and money to get to the location.

Many e-commerce marketing companies look at this and use it to justify increased spending on getting new traffic to the web site. For the small and medium business the cost of increasing traffic to the site is substantial and will continue to increase. Just five years ago it cost almost nothing to bring new visitors to the site. As the competition has increased, however, this has fast become the most costly aspect of having an e-commerce web site.

On the other hand,Internet marketing success as the total cost of converting visitors into customers. This allows  to measure the effectiveness of total marketing program including getting new visitors, web site design, customer service and after sales marketing.

E-commerce Marketing Priorities can be divided into three primary divisions:

  • Enticing visitors (non-customers) to come to the site
    • Search engine registration (natural search results)
    • Pay-per-click
    • Public relations – news releases, articles and stories
    • Online advertising (banners, links / cross-links, directories, newsletter placement, etc.)
  • Converting visitors (non-customers) into customers
    • In-site promotions
    • Sales / Special Offers
    • In-store Coupons
    • Associated Products
    • Customer Recommendations
    • Opt-in Email Promotions
  • Site Effectiveness
    • Enticing appropriate visitor behavior
    • Establishing emotional context
    • Building relationships
    • Increasing per-customer purchases
    • After sale marketing
    • After sale relationship building

In many cases the visitor has almost no investment in visiting the e-commerce web site. With no investment the site needs to provide sufficient and immediate enticement/reward to keep the visitor from clicking the back button and going to another site. This requires a very close relationship between the keywords used in their search (or the information in the advertising) to the content on the web page they view. The closer the relationship the more chance of enticing the visitor to continue looking at the site.

Conversely, the online customer has almost no investment in the visit. Going to the site requires one click of a mouse. Leaving the site requires one click of the mouse.

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