Friday, May 31, 2019

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@gusman126 @bertrand_a Hi Gustavo, As we mention in the blog article below: "This maintenance work will consist mainly of fixing critical bugs or security vulnerabilities. Tweaks to improve service or reports on minor bugs will thus no longer be processed."

How to Create Animated Background Colors with Divi

@ThirtyVirus Sure thing! I'm happy to add this to our internal feature requests list. 😄 Thanks for your feedback!

@iAmKimpo Sorry for the trouble! Best bet is to open a chat with our Support Team and they will be happy to take a closer look.

5 great tips for combating Credit Card Fraud for your webshop: #creditcard #fraud

@ukulelefication @OutClowns Thanks for your kind words! 😍 Yes, we made Divi to make WordPress site building and designing easy, fun and exciting for everyone. 🤩 We'll be releasing more features in the future to make Divi much more amazing so stay tuned!

Using Lean Methodology for Your Software Startup

RT @Capitaine: Le #PSDParis, l'événement e-commerce de @PrestaShop revient le 4 juin prochain au Palais Brongniart ! Infos, billeterie et surprise dans cet article 👉

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New! Ultra Church Skin for Churches, Faith Organizations, and Charities

Demo Buy Ultra Reaching out to people in this modern age as a church or ministry requires a website. WordPress is the website platform of choice for many churches that take themselves online because it makes editing your church’s website much faster and easier. As one of our most highly requested Ultra skins, we’re pleased […]

Divi Design Showcase: New Submissions from May 2019

@lorraineball Awesome! I'm so happy on how Divi help you build an amazing site! 😍

Check out our tips & advice to create your ecommerce website without stock! #dropshipping

How to Use Google Data Studio and Take Your Analytics to the Next Level

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

RT @LUNDI_MATIN: [ÉVÉNEMENT] LUNDI MATIN vous donne rendez-vous la semaine prochaine lors du #PSDParis, organisé par @PrestaShop . Spécialistes des solutions omnicanales avec @Rover_Cash ​, nos équipes auront le plaisir de vous accueillir sur le stand P8. 👉

The Journal Blog Kit for Divi Overview and Review

RT @Widoobiz: Rendez-vous au Palais Brongniart le 4 juin pour la 5ème édition du PSDparis organisé par @PrestaShop , l’événement devenu incontournable pour les acteurs du e-commerce. Des Pitch Sessions et des annonces fortes vous attendent ! #PSDParis #ecommerce

RT @Widoobiz: Rendez-vous au Palais Brongniart le 4 juin pour la 5ème édition du PSDparis organisé @PrestaShop , l’événement devenu incontournable pour les acteurs du e-commerce. Des Pitch Sessions et des annonces fortes vous attendent ! #PSDParis #ecommerce

An Open Source community is more than just pull requests made by faceless strangers. This week, meet Rodrigo Laurindo, one of our great translators on @Crowdin and best developers on @GitHub! 👉 #PrestaShop

@csimpsonJTD Wow that's great! 😍 Thanks for your kind words! Yes, we do our best everyday to create new features and provide outstanding support which makes Divi the best it can be. 😊 Would love to see any designs you've put together!

Visualizer Tables and Charts Plugin: An Overview and Review

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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Cette année, il y aura un espace dédié aux développeurs lors du #PSDParis ! Si vous développez des thèmes & des modules ou si vous contribuez au cœur, c’est le lieu idéal pour rencontrer notre équipe le 4 juin 2019 👉 #PrestaShop

How to Add Custom Icon Fonts

This foundational tutorial is brought to you by our Support Experts as one of the most commonly asked questions on our Support Forum. Adding custom icon fonts to your WordPress site has become a staple of modern web design. They're incredible easy to use and help you spice up and add a unique element to […]

How to Convert Divi Rows into Horizontal and Vertical Hover Tabs

@vkasshu Yes, pages created in Divi are printer friendly and they can save it as a .PDF file in a breeze. 😊

@csimpsonJTD Awesome! I'm glad you like it! Yes, our API Manager feature is one of our most requested feature since it's very helpful especially if you run multiple sites. 😄

@okom3pom1 Hello Okom3pom, est-ce tu peux nous fournir plus d'informations sur le module en question en DM ? Merci.

How to Avoid Survivorship Bias and Grow Your Business

@Neolectron Quand vous serez "the plus gentillest" ? Sinon, vous pouvez également nous envoyer un DM pour avec plus d'informations sur le problème rencontré, ça marche aussi.

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Get a FREE Ebook Layout Pack

RT @lengow_FR: Le #PSDParis est de retour le 4 juin ! Découvrez ce que @PrestaShop vous réserve pour cette 5e édition 👉 #Ecommerce #CMS

RT @pavullioud: Nouvelle espace pour les développeurs au #PSDParis Merci @PrestaShop pour cette chouette initiative. N'oublier pas vos portables :)

RT @__MOLI__: Le PrestaShop Day Paris #PSDParis a lieu mardi prochain, le 4 juin, au Palais Brongniart. J'y animerai une table ronde avec Camille Zamo d'@archiduchesse, @TheRealArno de @colizey et @julienhugon de Brigitte. Prenez votre place :

A Guide to Data Visualization for Marketers

Une des nouveautés du #PSDParis ? Les #PitchSessions : une sélection de happy fews prendra la parole le 4 juin prochain au @PalaisB pour partager leur expertise. Inscrivez-vous ici 👉🏼 #ecommerce #opensource

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Check out the 10 key steps after installing your #PrestaShop online store! ➡

How to Turn Your WordPress Blog into a Membership Site with MemberPress

Over the past decade, blog owners on WordPress could only make money on their website by placing ads or by creating a site that specializes in affiliate marketing. Times have changed since then, and now these same blog owners are creating membership-style websites. Instead of getting paid if someone buys one of the products you’re […]

How to Wrap Text Around Images in Divi (3 ways)

@Tamsininnit Sorry for the trouble! Best bet is to open a chat with our Support Team and they will be happy to take a closer look. Please try to open a chat while on Incognito/Private Mode on your browser.

@nadinemnemoi Wow that's great! I'm so glad how Divi helped you achieve this! Thanks for your feedback! 😍

Should Publishers Still Be Scared of Duplicate Content?

How to promote your PrestaShop store using domain names: #ecommerce #domainnames

Saturday, May 25, 2019

How to Toggle Divi Transform Properties on Click (with jQuery)

🚀 Vous avez déjà votre start-up? Au #PSDParis, allons ensemble vers une scale-up. Découvrez les speakers des ateliers "Ready To Scale" ➡️ Entrée gratuite pour les 10 premiers à utiliser le code: PSDPARISSCALE

How to Perform a UX Audit of Your WordPress Site

Friday, May 24, 2019

Is cryptocurrency the e-commerce Game Changer? ➡ #Crypto #Cryptocurrency

5 Ways to Make Your Copy Pop with Divi's Hover & Transform Options

💡Vous avez un projet e-commerce ? Au #PSDParis, nos experts vous aideront à vous lancer pour faire de votre idée un succès ! Découvrez les speakers des ateliers "Ready To Start" ➡️ Entrée gratuite pour les 10 premiers à utiliser le code : PSDPARISSTART

@Gtarafdarr Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! 😊

@justmiro We're just as excited! Thanks for your kind words! 😊

RT @payplug_it: #PSConnectRome si è concluso! Grazie a tutti i venditori che ci hanno visitato allo stand, siamo state felici di incontrarvi e discutere con voi. Prossima tappa: il #NetcommForum a Milano il 29 e 30 maggio. Vi aspettiamo!

Resume Power Words: Using Powerful Language to Land Your Dream Job

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Prospress Joins Automattic to Jointly Develop WooCommerce Subscriptions

via Blog – WooCommerce

Migrating to Magento 2: What 2 Know

For Magento 1 users considering a move to Magento 2, this overview provides guidance on functionality, expected costs, and timelines to help you decide how to approach your migration off of Magento 1 and when you should kickoff the project (hint: sooner than later).

✨ What an amazing day! Thank you everyone for attending the event and to our sponsors @PayPal_Italia and @eBay_Italia for helping us organizing this day in the ecommerce world in collaboration with @ConsNetcomm and @LaFrenchTech! 😉 #PSConnectRome

@BeerBrewin Hey Ben! Our support team might be able to assist you with that. Head out to to open a chat and share the link to your website so they can take a closer look 😊

Themify Updater Plugin – More New Features!

We’re always looking to improve, so we’ve added some more features to our Themify Updater plugin, some of which have been highly requested. The new features will allow you to keep your Themify username private, disable those pesky notification symbols on the admin dashboard, and easily reinstall your themes and plugins using the Themes/Plugins tab. […]

@JulienFerla Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! 😊 We don't have plans of implementing rellax.js yet.

@IPhilpot Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! 😊

@justmiro Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! 😁 We'll be releasing more interesting updates soon so stay tuned! 😊

How to Rotate Section Dividers to Create Stunning Side Borders with Divi's Transform Options

@JuergenKob Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! 🤩

Last workshop of the day ! How to start selling on @eBay_Italia and increase your sales ? 📈 #PSConnectRome

Meet Marco Salvatore, Tech Evangelist Italy @PrestaShop in the workshop room. Very interesting talk about the PrestaShop module development. 🚀 #PSConnectRome

Meet our exhibitors and discover their solution at #PSConnectRome

@lucariell : "Big data and AI will help us understand better what people want to buy" #neuromarketing #PSConnectRome

RT @payplug_it: "Il nostro modulo di pagamento PayPlug ti consente di offrire il pagamento frazionato: un buon modo per acquisire nuovi clienti!" Il #PSConnectRome è oggi! Vieni a trovarci al nostro stand durante la giornata 🚀 @PrestaShop #ecommerce

.@lucariell Country Manager Italy @PrestaShop and @pronesis talk about neuromarketing at #PSConnectRome.

RT @angelaboggian: #ecommerce #seo #schedaprodotto #PSConnectRome con @IvanCutolo

6 Breathing Exercises to Help You Get Through a Stressful Day at Work

💡 Want to know everything about #SEO optimization ? The #PSConnectRome continues with the very interesting conference by @SeochefAgency.

The first workshop of the day is launch by our sponsor @PayPal_Italia ! They give all the tools to understand the italian ecommerce market, from challenges to opportunities! #PSConnectRome

💻 Need help to migrate your online store? Let's discover the main key to migrating to PrestaShop 1.7 in the conference room thanks to @Cippest! #PSConnectRome

RT @angelaboggian: Be always up-to-date #PSConnectRome @AEFFELab

RT @payplug_it: Il #PSConnectRome è oggi! Non vediamo l'ora di incontrarvi al nostro stand durante la giornata 🚀 @PrestaShop #ecommerce

RT @cedcommerce: Don't miss to hear : Marco Sepulcri @eBay_Italia, Michele Simone @PayPal_Italia at #PSConnectRome

RT @MERAVIGLIECOSM: A #PSConnectRome la nostra coordinatrice Laura Sargentini con Marco di eBay a sviluppare servizi sempre migliori per le mPMI #ebayforbusiness #workout #meravigliecosmiche

Let's start with the first conference! Roundtable on the opportunity to transform your business from local to global by @ConsNetcomm @facebook_italia , @ArredareModerno and @FerrarisShoes! 💻📝 #PSConnectRome

End of the Keynote #PrestaShop! What did you think? :) #PSConnectRome

Johann Molinari at #PSConnectRome: "Today, you will have the opportunity to meet the best partners for each of the e-commerce verticals (Payment, Delivery, Inventory Management, Marketing, etc.)." @__MOLI__

Johann Molinari at #PSConnectRome: "Now I would like to talk to you about the second pillar of PrestaShop, which is which is our key strength and our main differentiator : our ecosystem and its value for merchants."

Johann Molinari at #PSConnectRome: "#PrestaShop software and its ecosystem are the two pillars you can rely on to grow your business. PS v1.7 focuses its efforts on a single mission: give you the tools to grow your sales."

Johann Molinari at #PSConnectRome: "So let's get to our common goal, developing your business! How you, as merchants, can develop your sales and, especially, how we, #Prestashop, can help you!"

Johann Molinari at #PSConnectRome: "To give you another figure, every 4 minutes a new store is created on #PrestaShop across the globe!"

Johann Molinari at #PSConnectRome: "The @PrestaShop community was built around these 3 families and it is thanks to them that we were able to reach the 300,000 active stores in PrestaShop!"

Johann Molinari at #PSConnectRome: "Italy is a historical and crucial market for @PrestaShop. We are in Rome today and we will have our annual event in Milan in September"

Johann Molinari at #PSConnectRome: "We are very happy to organize this new event in Rome. The goal of this new event is to strengthen our links with the PrestaShop community in capital"

Johann Molinari, Marketing Director of @PrestaShop is delighted to welcome you to our first #PSConnectRome! @__MOLI__

.@lucariell , Country Manager Italy @PrestaShop talks in detail about the key e-commerce figures for the year 2019. #PSConnectRome

.@lucariell , Country Manager Italy @PrestaShop welcomes you to the 1st edition of #PSConnectRome!

The room is full, the Keynote @PrestaShop is going to begin! 🚀 #PSConnectRome

And... we're ready for #PSConnectRome! 🎉 Doors are open for everyone, let's enjoy a day full of e-commerce!

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Une question technique sur la solution #PrestaShop ? Lors du #PSDParis du 4 juin, découvrez notre espace dédié aux Développeurs. Retrouvez le programme de l'évènement.👇

Hundreds Of New Divi Design Options Plus Brand New Interface Enhancements For The Visual Builder!

@tckanda No worries, our Theme Builder will be release very soon. Stay tuned! 😊

@JeremySmall Sorry for the trouble! I haven't seen this issue before. Best bet is to open a chat with our Support Team and they will be happy to take a closer look.

@amichaelwagner Hey Anthony! Sure thing, feel free to reach out to our Events Coordinator by sending them an email at 😊

@WpBuilderHelper No worries, it will be released very soon! Stay tuned. 😊

RT @EmarketerzFR: [Agenda] Ne ratez pas le #PSDParis, l'événement incontournable du #ecommerce organisé par @Prestashop au Palais Brongniart le 4 juin 2019 ➡️

🇮🇹 La nostra prima edizione di #PSConnectRome è domani! Prendo il mio biglietto ➡️

New! Ultra Magazine Skin for News, Magazine, and Tech Blog Websites

Demo Buy Ultra We receive so much of our information and news online than ever before. You might even be surprised to know that many established news agencies use WordPress to update and modify their content. They include The New York Times, Tech Crunch, The New Yorker, and BBC America, among many others. One thing […]

Check out the 10 key steps after installing your #PrestaShop online store! ➡

RT @frenchweb: PSD Paris le 4 juin au Palais Brongniart @PrestaShop #ecommerce

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

👋 The brand new has arrived! This is something we have been working on for a long time and we are really excited to finally show it to you. 😄

Do You Speak #PrestaShop? – April 2019 Edition ➡The 1.7.6 translation catalog is now available! ✅A total of 13,642 words have been translated and 54,610 validated. ✅All this in 21 different languages. Check out all the details here:

🇫🇷📅 Save the Date ! La 5ème édition du #PSDParis aura lieu le 4 juin prochain au Palais Brongniart. 👉Réservez votre billet à tarif préférentiel dès maintenant :

@LadyBossChannel Hi, we sincerely apologize for the late answer (Social Media team was on vacation). Did you receive an answer from the dedicated team? If not, could you please provide us more information DM? Thank you.

@DigitalCastris Hello, we apologize for the late answer. Could you please provide us more information about this issue in DM?

@jlhumblet Bonjour Jean-Louis, la page est de nouveau en ligne. Bonne journée. :)

#PSDMadrid, el 18 de junio en la Nave de Madrid 🇪🇸

Monday, May 20, 2019

Get a FREE Actor CV Layout Pack for Divi

@SnowWolfDesign Thanks for your kind words! We appreciate your feedback. 😊

@cwieber1 Hey Chris! I'm afraid we don't have plans of implementing OpenStreetMaps but no worries, I can add this to our internal Feature Requests list. This sounds like a great request. 😊

Semantic Versioning: What It Is, Isn't, and Why You Need It

5 great tips for combating Credit Card Fraud for your webshop: #creditcard #fraud

Sunday, May 19, 2019

How to Create Hover Sections with Divi's New Sizing & Overflow Settings

@GallagherPreach Sorry for the trouble! Best bet is to open a chat with our Support Team and they will be happy to take a closer look.

Git Push: Deploying WordPress from GitHub to Your Web Host

Saturday, May 18, 2019

How to Design Reflections for Images and Text in Divi

Check out our tips & advice to create your ecommerce website without stock! #dropshipping

🇪🇸 ✨ ¡Descubre toda la información esencial sobre el #PSDMadrid en nuestro sitio web! Ven a intercambiar, establecer contactos y compartir tu experiencia con toda la comunidad del eCommerce el 18 de junio en La Nave.

Is Your Business Ready to Hire Remote Workers?

Friday, May 17, 2019

Creating personalized adventure books with your child as the star – the story of Bang On Books

via Blog – WooCommerce

How to Transform Multiple Elements for Abstract Hover Effects in Divi

How Wildlabs Customized WooCommerce for an Auckland-based Flower Studio Specializing in Bespoke Bouquets

via Blog – WooCommerce

@emacker07 Sorry for the trouble! You can switch back to the non-visual (Wireframe View) by clicking the 3-dotted button at the lower center part of your Visual Builder, then select the Wireframe View:

Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting: An Overview and Review

WordPress Heroes – WPBeginner’s Syed Balkhi

We’re launching a new interview series called WordPress Heroes featuring your friendly, neighbourhood WordPress community members! If you’ve ever wanted to go for coffee with a SaaS founder or a WordPress company leader to pick their brain and glean some helpful advice, this is a great opportunity to do just that. So grab your cup […]

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Using Transform Translate vs. Negative Margin with Divi

Why Being Resilient is Essential to Success

@straderade Ah, gotcha. Happy to know that you were able to find what's causing it. Feel free to reach out to Support if you need help. 😊

🇮🇹✨ Scopri tutti i dettagli del #PSConnectRome, l’evento e-commerce al quale non puoi mancare. Biglietto Super Early Bird ➡️

How to promote your PrestaShop store using domain names: #ecommerce #domainnames

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Adobe Showcases Labs Innovations for eCommerce

At the Imagine Conference, Adobe will give a sneak peek into eCommerce innovations coming out of R&D.; Attendees get an exclusive look at technology that will impact the industry most and what it means for their business.

Study Shows Migrating To Magento Commerce 2 Drives Revenue Growth

Craig Peasley shares the results from Stax study that evaluates the business value associated with a Magento Commerce 2 migration.

Using Divi's New Height & Width Options to Create Responsive Design

Hey @JulienFerla! I sent you a DM. Thanks! 😊

@straderade Hi there! Best bet is to open a chat with our Support Team and they will be happy to take a closer look.

@sorenbeck Sorry for the trouble Soren! Our dev team is currently working on fixing this issue.

What is WebAssembly? And Can It Speed Up Your Site?

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

We’re Committed to Helping You Realize the Power of Commerce — Without Limits

Highlights from General Session 2 at Adobe's IMAGINE 2019 event in Las Vegas.

Customers Big & Small Can ‘Expand The Experience’ With Adobe + Magento

Highlights from General Session 1 at Adobe’s Imagine 2019 event in Las Vegas

How to Create Floating Modules that Collide in 3D Space in Divi

@sierracharley60 That's great! Good luck! 😊

@gumballgary That sounds like a great idea for a layout pack! I'll go ahead and add that to our internal layouts requests list. 😊

Is cryptocurrency the e-commerce Game Changer? ➡ #Crypto #Cryptocurrency

A Marketer's Guide to Keyword Stemming (and Not Keyword Stuffing)

#PSConnectRome, 23 maggio al Binario F di Roma. Un evento dedicato all'e-commerce concepito per riunire la community locali. Tariffa Super Early Bird ! 🚀

The 1.7.6 beta 1 of @PrestaShop is available! Please share it, test it, test your modules and themes with it, and open issues if needed. And if you find no bug, please tell it high and loud! Enjoy!

Monday, May 13, 2019

Magento Innovations Lab Round 4 Showcase

We launched the Magento Innovations Lab to spotlight the exceptional, bleeding-edge work that the Magento Community is doing. From merchandising to customer service to payments (and more), these innovations are truly creating exceptional customer experiences for Magento merchants. Please join us in a round of applause for the newest additions to the program—the round four selections!