Friday, April 19, 2013

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Why should your online store be mobile-friendly?

It is believed that the new and modern tablets will modify the way customers shop and will have an impact on eCommerce business.
Mobile eCommerce store

Online Sellers very well identify how mobile commerce is becoming an integral part, to stay in business. Mobile eCommerce is becoming a compulsory feature for all eCommerce businesses. The modern tablets are much faster and have features like Wi-Fi, 4G connections, high resolution and quality GUI. 

 These mobile devices drive potential traffic on eCommerce websites. In fact Mobile shoppers spend more money in making their purchase online compared to shoppers on other types of devices. It has been a growing trend for people to play games as well as shop online using their smartphones and tablets and has become a daily schedule in their lives. The shopper is just a click away from buying his/her consumables from an online store.Hence it is important for the Online store owners to provide an outstanding shopping experience in mobile devices. They should at least have a presentable catalog display of what they have in store.

Mobile Shopping
 The trend is growing so quickly that it was optional to have a mobile eStore complimenting a traditional eCommerce store. But today it is a must-have feature. It is better to start planning now to have a mobile eCommerce site well before the holiday seasons so that you wont lose in the race of attracting a large number of mobile online shoppers. 

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Authorize.Net Mobile: Now you can accept payments anywhere

The Authorize.Net Mobile Application allows you to accept payments wherever your customers are. Simply download the free application for iOS or Android, validate your credentials and begin accepting payments right on your smartphone. Increase your sales by providing an easy way to accept payments on the go using your Authorize.Net Payment Gateway account. This is for Authorize.Net Customers Only

 Features and Benefits 

 The mobile app is ideal for anybody who sells products at outdoor markets and trade shows, or provides on-site services, such as repairmen, dog walkers or landscapers. The app is available as a free download from the Apple App Store or iTunes, as well as Google Play.

 The Authorize.Net Mobile Application provides several benefits: 

  1. Multiple Payment Types — Process real-time credit and signature debit transactions from major payment networks (e.g., Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) 
  2. Secure Access — Integrated with the Authorize.Net Merchant Interface — use your existing credentials to access the app and validate the legitimacy of a specific device from within the Merchant Interface itself 
  3. Flexible Settings — Set up a default tax rate, accept tips and gather shipping information when necessary 
  4. AVS Support — Enter customer billing information to use the Address Verification Service (AVS) 
  5. History — Review transaction history (processed or pending) and perform voids and refunds
  6.  Email Receipt — Your customers can receive a transaction receipt by email 
  7. Free Support — Continue to receive Authorize.Net's award-winning customer support for the mobile app through our online support center, eTicket, email, chat and phone 

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Want to run a Successful E-Commerce store...follow these points!

Online Shopping is still in its growing stages but evolves as a huge profitable industry. That said... It can still get better. Though processes are simpler and easier, yet there are many areas to improve in an eCommerce website.

When a store has more than 1 sub-category, it's important to show the users where they currently are, by providing proper titles, sub-titles and breadcrumbs (e.g. Home > Category > Sub-category > Product).  There should be proper filtering options so that the users can filter and narrow results within the category that they have landed in. Filtering options can be filter by price, size, brand, color etc. There should be proper options to remove filters easily.Users must be allowed to sort the results based on the filter they chose. For example, if the user filtered results based on a Price range, they should be allowed to sort the results from high to low or vice-verse. Similarly sorting based on best sellers, featured, rating and latest must exist.

    List as many as 150 to 200 products in a page so that users can have a glance at all the products without navigating through several pages. Display the product description, discounts offered, availability of stocks, colors , sizes or other attributes prominently in the product detail page.
    When a user performs a search, show the search results and also carry the user's query in the box for changes if necessary and show advanced search options based on your filters mentioned like price, size, color etc. It is a good feature to provide alternative search terms that may provide results in the site, so that users can try those terms to get desired results.
    Many products are designed to match certain criteria. For example if you sell mobile covers, mention the mobile names that it matches for. Do not make users click “add to cart” for items that are out of stock. There should be proper alert messages to inform the users about out of stock before they proceed to “Shopping Cart” or “Checkout”  Add as many product photos as possible so that users can get a complete idea of what they are trying to purchase.
    Display of as many product reviews, videos about the products, gallery etc can make the user get the “feel good” factor about the product. Make the visibility of  “Shipping Options” available in the website, very clear in all the pages  There should be quick and clear customer service emails that confirm the order, shipping and payment. Also the status of the order must be properly notified to the customers on time.
    There should be options in the website to quickly modify the order if necessary before it is being shipped. Hence a confirmation email before shipping should be sent.  If the users abandon cart before Checkout, there should be a way to find the items added and automatic follow-up to convince the customer to checkout and complete the order
    These points will help your e-commerce sites to become a better place to shop online

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

OpenCart eCommerce Framework

OpenCart is a free open source eCommerce platform for online merchants. The OpenCart tools have the high potential to create a successful eCommerce website. The website developed in OpenCart will be highly professional and reliable. OpenCart is a user-friendly interface for the online shoppers.

There are many varieties of shopping cart system, but the OpenCart have the unique functionalities for the shopping cart. OpenCart is user friendly for not only the online shoppers but also for the website developers. OpenCart allows the developers customizing the OpenCart eCommerce website.

Opencart supports multi-currency option. The OpenCart offers robust and scalable e-commerce shopping cart solution with amazing features and customizing functionalities, hence the OpenCart is becoming very popular. Also developers can easily apply innovative features in OpenCart to extend their functionalities of e-commerce website.

As a shopper expects to get the best online shopping experience, they don’t want to face any hassles while selecting the products or looking for the variety in colors and sizes and also basically want reliable payment options. This is the reason why an eCommerce website needs to make sure it meets all the expectations of its customers and helps the customers to reach the products of their choices with ease and without any hassles. The competition is growing and these eCommerce sites just cannot afford to make any mistake. Hence most online business ventures are making use of OpenCart development that is helping these websites to be user-friendly, attractive and offering the best online shopping experience to their customers. The idea is to aim for an enhanced customer satisfaction, so as to get the business going.

The Opencart offers affordable, easier, faster and scalable eCommerce solutions with several interactive features. It is truly the sweet joy of working with an open source application like OpenCart.

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mobile Commerce

The Mobile Commerce has the potential to replace the eCommerce and Traditional retail shopping. There are many ways for Mobile commerce to overcome retail shopping.

The Online sellers have started working for the responsive sites for their existing sites and layout in response to the user’s device or device orientation. At the expectation level, may be the responsive design will become as a basic requirement.

The disappointing factor for the online mobile shoppers is that many mobile providers release mobiles with the capability of very slow internet connection. Hence the mobile shoppers could be unwillingly open many browser windows as they search for products online. This leads the attention of mobile shoppers towards the marketplaces, where they are offered by several online sellers and compare products.

A mobile shopper would purchase if shopper is carrying a store. Now-a-days people have started purchasing products from their place rather than retail shopping, since the online shopping reduces travelling time, tension, etc...

In the Mobile Commerce, the payment methods and adding products to the cart are becoming easier and comfortable. Mobile Commerce is providing transparency in pricing for mobile shoppers. The shoppers could compare the price of the product which they would like to purchase, so that they can easily identify the best and quality products easily.

Also the reviews of any product by the users will be analyzed by the shoppers. Mobile Commerce pays way for an effective online mobile shopping.

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

E-Commerce Website Development

Trade is the essential basic factor in the world of existence. Commerce plays a very important role that provided a road for eCommerce. In the current world, we cannot imagine the Internet without eCommerce.

Now-a-days every field in the world are moving a step forward from commerce to eCommerce. In the recent years, both the producer and the consumer are very well adopting the eCommerce. The Web industry is flooded with the eCommerce stores.

As a result, a heavy competition has been created in the world of eCommerce websitedevelopment. The eCommerce shop holders are in need to satisfy the customer’s thoughts. The website should be easy to use, simple and best, quick access for the customers which are very basic requirements for an eCommerce site.

There are many steps to follow while developing an eCommerce Website. The ability of fetching more and more customers is the ultimate aim of the website. Practically we would agree the term, first impression is the best impression, because it is the way to catch customer’s attention.

We would strongly say that landing page of the eCommerce site decides the quality of the website. The Website should be built in such a way that customers should not be distracted unnecessarily.

The eCommerce website needs to be very communicative and hence the customer will be able to understand the purpose of the website. The understanding and responding of customer’s demands prove an effective eCommerce website.

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Online store with multi device compatibility and SEO

Online Store

Today retailers make business easier for themselves and add value for customers by running an online store. Shoppers appreciate the convenience of being able to order items with a few Forrester-eCommerce-to-Hit-370-Billion-in-US-by-2017clicks. Customer data, payment information, order tracking, and returns can all be handled digitally.

Online store serves a well-designed catalog, can showcase company’s visual brand and include up-to-the-minute details such as special offers, customer comments on a product,or even a link to the latest online newsletter and customers can track the shipping status of their orders online.

More and more, customers are looking for a social connection  like review products, tweet about special offers, “like” your business’s Facebook page, chat with sales representatives, or put items on their wish lists.

Multi-Device Friendly

With the rapid increase in smartphone penetration across the globe, mobile commerce has gained increasing acceptance amongst both users and retailers.

The age of mobile shopping is here to stay, consumers can access millions of products at the palm of their hands and retailers can increase their reach and overall sales.

New advanced mobile applications characteristically engage high-speed services being accessed by devices  distantly, anywhere, any time

Search Engine Friendly

Every business and service websites need SEO to keep their position in the Google or other search engine. It is SEO's responsibility to keep website as front runner in search engine

Search Engine Optimization is making your website easy for both users and search engine robots to understand. SEO helps the engines figure out what each page is about, and how it may be useful for users and promote your website, thereby increasing site traffic.

The main aim of the search engine optimization is to get more traffic from diverse sources and to get repetitive visitors. Many online store which are getting success with SEO to get more traffic. SEO plays a crucial role in online business websites as well as other interactive sites.

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