Friday, March 29, 2013

mCommerce is important for your online business!

Today traffic to eCommerce sites are mostly coming  from smartphones and tablets, hence mCommerce is becoming more and more essential every day.

Mobile customers are not only growing in number but also purchasing more than normal customers. Hence mCommerce is the latest promotional channel for increasing your online sales. It brings new possibility for small business to sell and promote their product and services through Mobile Devices. 

M-Commerce is now turning to be an important part of your Internet marketing strategies. It can easily fit in your business process, you can make huge benefits from it.

Advantages of mCommerce

Better reach to customers
Tap the potential increase in usage of mobile devices
Be at par or go ahead of your competitors
Low development cost
New and oft used sales channel

Some online stores will lose sales due to the fact that their website is not responsive to the customer's device and this leads to the customer leaving the website, without purchasing a product. To solve this problem you can either build your website responsive or build a native mobile app.

Most people will no longer drive hours to a store to find that what they want. Statistics show that  50% of many online store sales close on mobile.

As the mobile devices are becoming a major part of our lives and it should be used as a tool to help shop and pay. Mobile Commerce is the future.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

You must have this info in your website!

Small Businesses that do not have an online store to sell your products/services must have the following info:
  1. Address of all locations with maps,
  2.  Telephone Number,
  3. Working Hours,
  4. Products and brands that you sell in your brick and mortar store,
  5. Special and Sale Items,
  6. Discounts and Coupons.
If you operate either in one or many locations, dedicate a Contact page in your website to display the address of every location with a Google Map. Add the business hours and phone number of each location clearly below each address.

You can also add a search feature to find the nearest location. This search feature should be available either in the header or the footer of all pages.

Main Telephone numbers like Customer Support and Toll Free Number should be displayed on every page of the site, possibly in the header.

Normal Working Hours can also be mentioned below the main telephone number. Any other specific operating hours like Sundays, Holidays, After-working hours etc. can be specified in detail in the Contact page

Any new customer should be able to easily find out from your website, all items and brands that you sell in your physical store. If you sell services, an exhaustive list of services should be displayed in a dedicated “Services Offered” page in the website.

For example, if you sell Car Parts in your physical store, Do NOT mention “All Car Parts Available”.  Specifics like “We sell Power Steering Pumps, Hub Braking and assemblies, Fluid Reservoirs of the brands like Cavalier, Chevy Malibu, Corsica of 2011, 2012 and 2013 models” will be very useful to your site visitor. If you have a lot of Car Parts then add a list of items available, organized in a tabular form. You can also add a search feature to easily search the car parts available based on model number, Brand and part name.

Always remember that your audience is the same to your competitors too. Hence to be first in the race, you products or services, Coupons that visitor can print and use at your physical store. You can also display “Sale items” that can be periodically updated must post Special items or services with special prices, Discounts offered to specific

As you do not sell online, the above efforts can definitely bring considerable sales to your store. The next better option is to start selling online too!

Monday, March 25, 2013

10 Ways to Use Images as a marketing tool

Images are an important component in a website. You can create a better impact on your prospects using visual communication through images.
The following are some of the ways you can communicate visually:

  • Add Descriptive Text for every image you add in your website or social media sites. This communicates better not only with Search Engines but also with visitors who often share in their Social networks. The Text can be added on the images too to imply the purpose of the image. 
  • Have as many “Share” buttons as possible, so users can quickly share your website images in several Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. Use of “Pin It” buttons across every image or web page will encourage users to share images easily. Pinterest in easy to use and interesting too.
  • There are several photo-sharing tools available today. You can engage your visitors to share their own images and photos in your website or Social Networking Pages. This can be a creative way of communicating with your visitors.
  • When you have a lot of images, you can create a combination of images as banners or collage to make your point more expressive. These kinds of images gain the interest of the visitors to share in Social Networking sites. 
  • Some content of your website can be represented by images.  For example, instruction manuals, guides etc. This makes the content more interesting than usual. Comical representation is also a good way to make your user understand your point in your website.
  • Complex information, knowledge base etc. can be represented in the form of simple charts, illustrations or info-graphics. Images in the form of quotes and sayings can also be impressive as they can be used to communicate more data in a small area. 
  • Some images can represent the flow of processes in the form of maps or flow charts, as many people understand complicated flow through images better than words.
  • Use of optimized, clear and expressive images makes the users feel good about your business. Image Quality can be a factor that invites more visitors.
  • Testimonials, Reviews, Quotes etc. can be included in your site as images. Photos of Company Events/Awards etc can be updated with description and title in the website in chronological order.
  • Image Slideshows or galleries with sub-titles or explanatory videos can be more engaging and mark the importance.

To evaluate your site in the utility of images, you may contact us.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Ways to use Google Analytics to improve sales

Traffic generation and QUALITY traffic generation are completely different. You have to find if the right people are coming to your website. Looking at the sources of traffic is a good way to estimate this. Google Analytics is one best way to analyze the quality of your traffic, what people do in your website, are they browsing around or are they bouncing off right away. 

Google Analytics is one of the best tracking and analytics application available on the market for free. There are a bunch of reports available which can be used to increase your website performance and hence sales.

Firstly, set up a Google Analytics Account here

Next, paste the tracking script provided on every page of your website. If you need help in doing this, you may contact us

The following are the reports that can be viewed in your Google Analytics account and are extremely valuable:

Traffic Sources – this report is accessed at Traffic Sources>> Overview. This shows you where your visitors are coming from. It shows Sources like search engines, referring sites and paid advertising. It also shows the traffic through your SEO and Social Networking Activities.

Audience - The Audience reports provide data about who make up your audience, their location, language etc., how they reach your website and their behavior like Recency, Frequency, & New vs Returning.

Content - The content section contains reports to help you improve your site content based on the needs and expectations of the visitor. It gives insight on Site  Content, Site Speed, Site Search, Events , etc.

Conversions - Goal Conversions are the primary measure for fulfilling a business objective. When a site visitor completes a desired action, a goal conversion occurs. This includes insights on eCommerce and Multi-channel Funnels conversion

Thus used correctly, Google Analytics can provide you with the information you need to take your website to the next level!

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

E-Commerce web design

E-Commerce web design simply plays a very important role, because you'll never get a sale if customers are not impressed with your site. Generally, eCommerce is considered to be the sales aspect of e-business. The Online business owners should make sure that, their eCommerce website is featured with standard qualities and professional custom design. The Quality of your website speaks a lot about the quality of your product and your online businesses.

To make a perfect website, E-Commerce web Development service providers are using many complex tools like CSS, HTML, Photoshop etc., It is easy to turn the vision of customers to your eCommerce website, if your website is highly professional and impressive. This can be done by certain procedures. The way you make the site impressive is not only in the appearance of the site, but also in the way it reaches to the customer. Also the website should be well-organized and easy to navigate.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Beware of the common mistakes that we make in our Online stores

There are many steps involved in the process of capturing customers to an online store, like making shoppers to visit your store, guiding them quickly and efficiently to find the details they are looking for, showing them the information they are needed, providing a fast, secure and easy method to include items in the shopping carts, to process checkout and finally disclosing the product to the customer in a timely manner.

The following points explain the mistakes that are made by the store owners that are not tolerated by most shoppers today.
  • Most eCommerce businesses spend a lot of time and money driving traffic to their stores from search engines, emails, and social media. The shop owners should be aware about the links provided for the given ad. If a store owner is selling a product like wallets and the ad features the word wallets, hence the ad link should land the customers on a page that sells wallets. But, currently there are many stores simply direct traffic to their home pages or to products unrelated to a given search or ad.
  • Shoppers also look for guided navigation and filters to narrow their selections. Now-a-days probably many shoppers are expecting the high level search tools in online stores. Many kind of advanced features are available for the site search. But still we come across many poor site search.
  • Even though a store owner is providing proper site search options with perfect ad links, if the description of the product is poor, there are many chances for the shoppers to jump another store.
  • At many cases, shop owners fail to add the shipping estimator in the shopping cart,  if the shipping estimator is provided, which will allow the shopper to enter the shipping addresses or zip codes, and that will update the shipping costs as the shopper adds item to the cart. If so the store owner offers free shipping, then the shopper should know regarding the offer, so that he can proceed to a satisfied checkout.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What is the future of mobile eCommerce?

Mobile eCommerce or mCommerce is a part of eCommerce and is becoming very important quickly for eStore owners. Most visitors to an eStore are now looking for the convenience of shopping online using their tablet and mobiles. This is an effect of the boom in the number of mobile users and improvements in the mobile technology. Today one-third of site traffic use mobile devices to make a purchase.

If the eStore owner has to compete and increase his sales, he ought not to ignore mCommerce as its future looks bright. mCommerce sites may be used for convenience and portability, but users look for more details in the site. Hence your mobilecompatible eStore should be elaborate with more product details.

M-commerce has changed the way brands reach customers, making it faster and easier for consumers to make purchases on the fly. The main goal of mobile commerce is to provide boundary free communications to its users. Mobiles can be used for advanced purposes like connecting to suppliers and distributors.

M-commerce refers to the growing practice of conducting financial and promotional activities with the use of a wireless handheld device and recognizes that the transactions may be conducted using cell phones, personal digital assistants and other hand held devices that have operate with Internet access.

The ultimate advantages of mCommerce are flexibility, faster, easier and ubiquity. This provides a secure and convenient process. In summary, the meteoric growth of the Internet and mobile communications leads to the rapid development of mCommerce with surprising advantages to the real world, which in turn moved to the entry of next generation.

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Strategies for Successful eCommerce

eCommerce is a business. eCommerce is not just a website on which you sell products or services.

Hence the first step is to develop a business plan. Then do a research of the market and competitors selling the same kind of products or services as yours.

Secondly, associate with a partner with expertise in eCommerce development, online marketing, content management and SEO. 

Plan your funding and timeline for launching. Next plan the steps required to launch with specific milestones and due dates.

Talk to your partner and make sure the plan is fully understood. The Partner should be able to split your plan into simple milestones.

Decide on the Design of the eCommerce store. The partner should be able to develop the eStore based on the approved designs. 

Once the eStore is developed, implement SEO. For more details on SEO click here. 

Do online marketing continually. Constantly educate yourself before, during, and long after. 

Get in touch with us for complete eCommerce consulting, development and marketing.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

How to make your site SEO friendly ?

Making an attractive website and maintaining it is simply not sufficient for marketing a business. To attract visitors to your website, you have to do SEO. If your website shows up in search engine results, especially in the first page then you are likely to get many leads.There are many factors to be considered for your business to appear in first pages of search engine results.

The domain names must be catchy and easy to remember. If you own a business in different countries,  then your website may have country-specific domains which is also  good option for better ranking.

Make sure that the robots.txt file or robots meta tag are letting the search engines to access all the important pages in the website and are blocking those pages that are inappropriate. Use 301-redirects instead of 302 as 301-redirects give better PageRank. Reduce the number of 404 Not Found pages in the website by redirecting the 404 pages to some useful page like Sitemap. Remove all duplicate content in the website. You can use Google Webmaster tools for this. Automatic URL Rewriting can be use to make the URL uniform throughout the site.

People use portable devices more than ever. They would like mobile optimized sites and Google recommends responsive designs. Make sure your websites are responsive to devices.

Website speed has become a ranking factor. Use small images as possible for quick loading. Use Google Page Speed or Pingdom tools to check the loading time of your pages. Faster loading is preferred for better ranking.

Research for potential keywords using Google Keywords tool. Make sure every page targets a single keyword. Use the keyword in the  page URL, title,  head tags as well as content. HTML, CSS and webfonts can be used so that Search Engines can easily crawl the page. Add new content to website regularly. Indicate the language of the pages in hreflang tags. Use ALT tags for your images to describe the image using the keywords. Add author information to pages

Google looks at subdomains as separate websites.Hence it is best to use descriptive subfolders with words split by hyphens. Sitemaps are useful to understand your site architecture. HTML sitemaps are useful for both visitors and search engines. XML sitemaps are especially useful for search engines.

Make sure your website has existence in the social networks like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin

Submit you website in several directories for better reach to visitors.

Write blogs and articles about your products and services, business activities etc. regularly

Send periodic Newsletters, discounts, coupons etc.  to customers who wish to be updated about your business regularly. 

In summary, the more you are interconnected in the network and have a good internet presence, it is likely that you will start getting good number of visitors and hence a good business.

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How to convert Abandoned Cart to Sales?

All online retailers face the problem of cart abandonment by their customers. In order to resolve the issue of shopping cart abandonment, it’s important to analyze the shopping experience from the moment a shopper adds a product to the cart through purchase completion.

Some simple steps to reduce Cart Abandonment

Do not ask for a lot of personal information upfront. Collect mimimum data required during first purchase to make the customer feel easy in the site. Though collecting customer info is important and useful for marketing purposes, it would be a great idea to collect those data after the first purchase. Registration should not be made compulsory. A guest checkout option should be provided.

Options should be provided to change the quantity of items in the shopping cart page. Including a breadcrumb will avoid confusion and help them to keep the finish the checkout process. Alternatively one page checkout procedure with not many options in the checkout page will help customers checkout faster. A summary of the order should be continually shown and updated throughout the purchase. It is important to communicate shipping costs and show totals from the beginning of the checkout process

The filled cart should exist in the shoppers' account for long time so that they can come back and complete the purchase when they are ready. Including product recommendations based on the original product carted can provide additional chances for the shoppers to purchase more. Having the option to add the product to a wish list will provide the opportunity to market those items to the customer in the future.

Displaying security certifications during the checkout process will be authentic. Reminding the customers of how much they are saving on the item they are purchasing and including information on return policies, customer service, etc. can add value. Promotional codes within an email should be text so the customer can easily copy and paste in their cart.

Providing customer support options such as live chat or customer service phone numbers throughout the purchasing process can provide customers with options to get answers rather than simply abandoning the purchase. Sending at least one post-abandonment email and a maximum of 3 in proper intervals will add value. Personalization can add a touch of friendliness to an email .

In conclusion, we can expect an increase in shopping cart completion with the implementation of the above suggestions.
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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


 E-Commerce can be defined as a modern business methodology that addresses the needs of organizations, merchants, and consumers to cut costs while improving the quality of goods and services and increasing the speed of service delivery. E-Commerce is a new way of managing, conducting and executing business transactions using computer and telecommunications networks.

E-commerce is one of the easiest means of doing business as the development of E-Commerce that has made it possible to reduce the cost of promotion of products and services. The business and commerce cannot be separated, because the main purpose of business concern is to earn profit and to make profit it is necessary to do buying and selling which is integral part of commerce, so now the E-Commerce plays a vital role in business.

E-Commerce that will be not only enabling you to reach new customers, but it can also make it easier and faster for you to do business with your existing customer base. There are many major different types of E-Commerce namely Business-to-business (B2B), Business-to-consumer (B2C), Business-to-government (B2G), Consumer-to-consumer (C2C), Mobile commerce (m-commerce). The role of E-Commerce in companies has obviously taking those to higher levels. Ecommerce allows consumers to electronically exchange goods and services with no barriers of time or distance.

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