Tuesday, March 26, 2013

You must have this info in your website!

Small Businesses that do not have an online store to sell your products/services must have the following info:
  1. Address of all locations with maps,
  2.  Telephone Number,
  3. Working Hours,
  4. Products and brands that you sell in your brick and mortar store,
  5. Special and Sale Items,
  6. Discounts and Coupons.
If you operate either in one or many locations, dedicate a Contact page in your website to display the address of every location with a Google Map. Add the business hours and phone number of each location clearly below each address.

You can also add a search feature to find the nearest location. This search feature should be available either in the header or the footer of all pages.

Main Telephone numbers like Customer Support and Toll Free Number should be displayed on every page of the site, possibly in the header.

Normal Working Hours can also be mentioned below the main telephone number. Any other specific operating hours like Sundays, Holidays, After-working hours etc. can be specified in detail in the Contact page

Any new customer should be able to easily find out from your website, all items and brands that you sell in your physical store. If you sell services, an exhaustive list of services should be displayed in a dedicated “Services Offered” page in the website.

For example, if you sell Car Parts in your physical store, Do NOT mention “All Car Parts Available”.  Specifics like “We sell Power Steering Pumps, Hub Braking and assemblies, Fluid Reservoirs of the brands like Cavalier, Chevy Malibu, Corsica of 2011, 2012 and 2013 models” will be very useful to your site visitor. If you have a lot of Car Parts then add a list of items available, organized in a tabular form. You can also add a search feature to easily search the car parts available based on model number, Brand and part name.

Always remember that your audience is the same to your competitors too. Hence to be first in the race, you products or services, Coupons that visitor can print and use at your physical store. You can also display “Sale items” that can be periodically updated must post Special items or services with special prices, Discounts offered to specific

As you do not sell online, the above efforts can definitely bring considerable sales to your store. The next better option is to start selling online too!