Thursday, March 14, 2013

How to make your site SEO friendly ?

Making an attractive website and maintaining it is simply not sufficient for marketing a business. To attract visitors to your website, you have to do SEO. If your website shows up in search engine results, especially in the first page then you are likely to get many leads.There are many factors to be considered for your business to appear in first pages of search engine results.

The domain names must be catchy and easy to remember. If you own a business in different countries,  then your website may have country-specific domains which is also  good option for better ranking.

Make sure that the robots.txt file or robots meta tag are letting the search engines to access all the important pages in the website and are blocking those pages that are inappropriate. Use 301-redirects instead of 302 as 301-redirects give better PageRank. Reduce the number of 404 Not Found pages in the website by redirecting the 404 pages to some useful page like Sitemap. Remove all duplicate content in the website. You can use Google Webmaster tools for this. Automatic URL Rewriting can be use to make the URL uniform throughout the site.

People use portable devices more than ever. They would like mobile optimized sites and Google recommends responsive designs. Make sure your websites are responsive to devices.

Website speed has become a ranking factor. Use small images as possible for quick loading. Use Google Page Speed or Pingdom tools to check the loading time of your pages. Faster loading is preferred for better ranking.

Research for potential keywords using Google Keywords tool. Make sure every page targets a single keyword. Use the keyword in the  page URL, title,  head tags as well as content. HTML, CSS and webfonts can be used so that Search Engines can easily crawl the page. Add new content to website regularly. Indicate the language of the pages in hreflang tags. Use ALT tags for your images to describe the image using the keywords. Add author information to pages

Google looks at subdomains as separate websites.Hence it is best to use descriptive subfolders with words split by hyphens. Sitemaps are useful to understand your site architecture. HTML sitemaps are useful for both visitors and search engines. XML sitemaps are especially useful for search engines.

Make sure your website has existence in the social networks like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin

Submit you website in several directories for better reach to visitors.

Write blogs and articles about your products and services, business activities etc. regularly

Send periodic Newsletters, discounts, coupons etc.  to customers who wish to be updated about your business regularly. 

In summary, the more you are interconnected in the network and have a good internet presence, it is likely that you will start getting good number of visitors and hence a good business.

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