Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How to convert Abandoned Cart to Sales?

All online retailers face the problem of cart abandonment by their customers. In order to resolve the issue of shopping cart abandonment, it’s important to analyze the shopping experience from the moment a shopper adds a product to the cart through purchase completion.

Some simple steps to reduce Cart Abandonment

Do not ask for a lot of personal information upfront. Collect mimimum data required during first purchase to make the customer feel easy in the site. Though collecting customer info is important and useful for marketing purposes, it would be a great idea to collect those data after the first purchase. Registration should not be made compulsory. A guest checkout option should be provided.

Options should be provided to change the quantity of items in the shopping cart page. Including a breadcrumb will avoid confusion and help them to keep the finish the checkout process. Alternatively one page checkout procedure with not many options in the checkout page will help customers checkout faster. A summary of the order should be continually shown and updated throughout the purchase. It is important to communicate shipping costs and show totals from the beginning of the checkout process

The filled cart should exist in the shoppers' account for long time so that they can come back and complete the purchase when they are ready. Including product recommendations based on the original product carted can provide additional chances for the shoppers to purchase more. Having the option to add the product to a wish list will provide the opportunity to market those items to the customer in the future.

Displaying security certifications during the checkout process will be authentic. Reminding the customers of how much they are saving on the item they are purchasing and including information on return policies, customer service, etc. can add value. Promotional codes within an email should be text so the customer can easily copy and paste in their cart.

Providing customer support options such as live chat or customer service phone numbers throughout the purchasing process can provide customers with options to get answers rather than simply abandoning the purchase. Sending at least one post-abandonment email and a maximum of 3 in proper intervals will add value. Personalization can add a touch of friendliness to an email .

In conclusion, we can expect an increase in shopping cart completion with the implementation of the above suggestions.
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