Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mobile Commerce

The Mobile Commerce has the potential to replace the eCommerce and Traditional retail shopping. There are many ways for Mobile commerce to overcome retail shopping.

The Online sellers have started working for the responsive sites for their existing sites and layout in response to the user’s device or device orientation. At the expectation level, may be the responsive design will become as a basic requirement.

The disappointing factor for the online mobile shoppers is that many mobile providers release mobiles with the capability of very slow internet connection. Hence the mobile shoppers could be unwillingly open many browser windows as they search for products online. This leads the attention of mobile shoppers towards the marketplaces, where they are offered by several online sellers and compare products.

A mobile shopper would purchase if shopper is carrying a store. Now-a-days people have started purchasing products from their place rather than retail shopping, since the online shopping reduces travelling time, tension, etc...

In the Mobile Commerce, the payment methods and adding products to the cart are becoming easier and comfortable. Mobile Commerce is providing transparency in pricing for mobile shoppers. The shoppers could compare the price of the product which they would like to purchase, so that they can easily identify the best and quality products easily.

Also the reviews of any product by the users will be analyzed by the shoppers. Mobile Commerce pays way for an effective online mobile shopping.

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