Sunday, April 14, 2013

Want to run a Successful E-Commerce store...follow these points!

Online Shopping is still in its growing stages but evolves as a huge profitable industry. That said... It can still get better. Though processes are simpler and easier, yet there are many areas to improve in an eCommerce website.

When a store has more than 1 sub-category, it's important to show the users where they currently are, by providing proper titles, sub-titles and breadcrumbs (e.g. Home > Category > Sub-category > Product).  There should be proper filtering options so that the users can filter and narrow results within the category that they have landed in. Filtering options can be filter by price, size, brand, color etc. There should be proper options to remove filters easily.Users must be allowed to sort the results based on the filter they chose. For example, if the user filtered results based on a Price range, they should be allowed to sort the results from high to low or vice-verse. Similarly sorting based on best sellers, featured, rating and latest must exist.

    List as many as 150 to 200 products in a page so that users can have a glance at all the products without navigating through several pages. Display the product description, discounts offered, availability of stocks, colors , sizes or other attributes prominently in the product detail page.
    When a user performs a search, show the search results and also carry the user's query in the box for changes if necessary and show advanced search options based on your filters mentioned like price, size, color etc. It is a good feature to provide alternative search terms that may provide results in the site, so that users can try those terms to get desired results.
    Many products are designed to match certain criteria. For example if you sell mobile covers, mention the mobile names that it matches for. Do not make users click “add to cart” for items that are out of stock. There should be proper alert messages to inform the users about out of stock before they proceed to “Shopping Cart” or “Checkout”  Add as many product photos as possible so that users can get a complete idea of what they are trying to purchase.
    Display of as many product reviews, videos about the products, gallery etc can make the user get the “feel good” factor about the product. Make the visibility of  “Shipping Options” available in the website, very clear in all the pages  There should be quick and clear customer service emails that confirm the order, shipping and payment. Also the status of the order must be properly notified to the customers on time.
    There should be options in the website to quickly modify the order if necessary before it is being shipped. Hence a confirmation email before shipping should be sent.  If the users abandon cart before Checkout, there should be a way to find the items added and automatic follow-up to convince the customer to checkout and complete the order
    These points will help your e-commerce sites to become a better place to shop online