Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Benefits of Mobile websites

Mobile is an emerging bridge to information and communication on both a global and local scale, a connection between the digital and physical worlds. Now-a-days you can observe people in any public area, someone browsing the web on a smartphone such as iPhone or Android. In order to provide this rapidly growing base of mobile web users with an optimal experience, more and more website owners are pursuing creation of mobile websites to ensure that their site is optimized for smartphone display.

Smartphones are changing the daily lives of users and generating innovative opportunities. There are many smartphone users access the Internet on their mobile devices. While mobile use is prevalent and on an upward trajectory, its growth is not at the expense of computer Internet use. Mobile-friendly websites benefit your customer, and in turn your business.

Building a mobile-friendly site is essential for businesses to prepare for the mobile movement. The days of building websites targeted solely at desktop or laptop environments are over. Users now  can access website from a variety of internet-enabled devices. As website owners, mobile devices also offer some fantastic features typically not available on the desktop functionality such as clicking a hyperlink in your website to call your phone number, or adding your contact details to an address book. With more advanced devices, a mobile website can provide more targeted, location-aware content for your visitors.

Also there some differences in watching a video using mobile and desktop, Because you are viewing the programs through your device's browser, the mobile experience is very similar to what you will see on your desktop. On tablets, the option to view full-screen or split-screen is preserved, mobile phones will automatically transition to full-screen video in order to maximize visibility.

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