Monday, August 29, 2011

How to run a successful Online Store

1. Make the shoppers find you : Search engine marketing and placement commonly known to as search engine optimization is an import factor. The successful application of search engine marketing can lead to huge  traffic, and hopefully shopping carts being checked out.  
2. Making A Strong Presentation : Getting visitors to site is only part one. They still need to take the action whether that is adding something to their shopping cart and checking out, or signing up for a newsletter. Whatever action you want them to take, can be accomplished if  we present the website visitor with a pleasing website, that is clean and well laid out. 
3. Trust factors: This can be a visible SSL graphic, a link to your support or customer service department. Visitors will feel more comfortable if they know they can get help if they need it. 
4. Having Just The Right Products : Many people only have a limited stock of items to sell. It's important that they market products well, and feature them in a way that adds value to the shopper. If we have hundreds or even thousands of products, then it's important that create categories and sub-categories for products to be easily browsed through. 
5. Search Feature: Having a search on site will only enhance potential web shopper's experience. Helping them get to what they need quicker. 

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