Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sell More through your E-Store during Holidays

Here are several tools for making your E-Commerce website more attractive and friendly especially for a holiday promotion: 
  1. Sell what you have in stock, at least in the main pages of your store, every product you display needs to be in-stock and ready for delivery.
  2. Deliver the product on time. Your seasonal delivery schedule, delivery rates and premium delivery services should be clearly posted on the website
  3. Make sure that every employee serving your online customers fulfills the published delivery commitments.
  4. In the case of any unexpected problems you must inform the customer immediately.
  5. When giving something for free to your customers make sure that you attach in some way the information on your products.
  6. During a holiday make sure to give your customers clear directions to contact you.
  7. Your regular telephone, fax numbers should also be posted and display your customer service e-mail address and business hours with a schedule.
  8. Never underestimate your customer feedback. Respond to the feedback you have received from your online customers by phone, by e-mail or by other methods.
  9. If they are telling that you are good, you must strive to be better. If anything is not quite right get it fixed immediately!
  10. Be sure to always report the changes that you have made because misinformation is the number one reason for online shopping cart abandonment. 
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