Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Current trends in website Design

  • Content sliders: Use of dynamic graphical elements and slide shows in the web pages not only helps in attracting traffic but also helps in retaining the potential clients.
  • Informational graphics: A new concept of combining graphics and information by highlighting the content, is gaining grounds among the latest trends in web designing industry.
  • Simple and minimalistic approach: The emphasis is to communicate the message to the user in a straight and precise manner.
  • Social networking: Clubbing of social media networking will increase the popularity of web site. This helps in increasing the exposure and will reach to more people.
  • Stylized fonts and typeface: Web programming languages allows the designers to adopt a unique font or typeface for the presentation of entire web site.
  • Think Big, See Big: Most of the designers are now thinking big in terms of presentation styles, by putting the message to be passed to the visitor in a bold manner. The use of eye-catchy headers and bold graphics adds to the aesthetic element as well as visibility.
  • Video marketing: This is entirely a new concept of placing relevant content though interactive videos to attract the visitors. The main advantage of videos is that it won't be boring as the user feels the presence of a third person.
  • 24/7 online customer services: If your web site is providing any services to the clients, then setting up an online chat, round-the-clock basis will yield better results in both, business and profit aspects.
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