Saturday, October 1, 2011

Blog Marketing

A blog is a website which is usually maintained by an individual with regular postings of content, descriptions of event information, or other information material such as photos, analytics or videos.
Advantages of Blog Marketing:
  • Announcement: Blogging typically requires frequent updating content. This consistent communication with audience keeps the business owner in the forefront. The blog technology that now enables readers to subscribe to the blog and new posts will automatically emailed to them.
  • Reliability: The blog owner should post the valuable and useful information to the readers. Then the blog will get more profit and reliable ratings from the customers.
  • Disclosure: Most of the blog postings were including the articles, advertising the website, direct mail campaigns, newsletters, uses of particular products, newly launched products and other useful information to the readers. This type of blogs will increases the exposure and thereby increases the brand awareness of the product or business. New people will learn about business information what it is posted on the blog and the people who are already familiar with a particular blog then they will become more familiar with the business of that blog.
  • Proceeds to Business: Blogging offers to the business owner that the possibility of expanding the blog through online advertising, new product association, and even own product promotions through the content postings.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Blogging is another valuable strategy that enables to add valuable content to the website. Content that is tracked and recorded by the search engines and used to increase the website search engine ranking. It will help to add more pages in the search engines i.e. indexed pages. It will increase the visibility of the website in the search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.
  • Video Blogging: By posting the videos in the blogs will increase the visibility of particular video and it will expand the business information to the readers of blogs.

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