Friday, October 14, 2011

Important Tips to Increase the Online Sales

  • Advertising: Evaluate your ecommerce website to make sure it is optimized for purchaser conscription via the search engines. Use email marketing to build customer loyalty and engage in social media marketing via blogs, forums and networks.
  • Contact Information: Make it easy for customers to get in touch and always include a phone number and other contact details on contact page or any of other pages. This can be the variation between making and losing the sale.
  • Cross Sell: Take every opportunity to up sell and cross-sell by linking associated products, accessories/add-ons, ‘people, who bought this, also bought that’ and promotional bundles.
  • Customer Assurance: Ensure that you display your secure SSL server certifications for customer data and payment processing.
  • Delivery Charges and Profits: Don’t make customers wait until the checkout to find out the release charge. Make sure that these are crystal clear and without difficulty located.
  • Product Optimization: Make sure your product copy is optimized, which Includes links to brochures, technical descriptions and buying guides etc.
  • Product Images/Gallery: Unfortunate images do not motivate assurance so don’t use them. Use multiple images/views and reflect on the use of video to help sell the product.
  • Registration: In order to reduce shopping cart rejection, we should have procedure to checkout without registration option.
  • User Product Reviews/Comments: Research shows that these work, increasing conversions by as much as 20%, make sure you use customer feedback to help sell your products.

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