Thursday, October 20, 2011

Significance of Visual Appeal in E-commerce Websites

  • Looks first, everything else next: The visual component strikes the visitor first. Several factors such as the product quality, reputation, price and many others make the actual purchase happen; but it is the visual aspect that first grabs the visitor and makes her stay on the E-commerce website.
  • First impression, the lasting impression: The way presenting a product in ecommerce website is makes the first and lasting impact. If a product is placed or presented clumsily, it loses its visual appeal. Once this happens, the visitor is not likely to go further in the site. It is only when the product is presented aesthetically well that the visitor takes the next steps.
  •  Elements that take priority: An item is placed on an ecommerce website acts as the first attraction. When this is done neatly and in an appealing fashion, the visitor is sure to take the next steps of finding more about the product. When the images are big, neat and clear, the visitor is likely to be more pleased than when they are muddled and disorderly.
  •  Limited is better: The product description or any other is best to keep links sparse and well spread out. A page with text that has a link in every line is a sure put off. Similarly, having links for the sake of it is another distraction. The links have to be put in both the right place and about the right topic. Think from the user's perspective. Visual design can go a long way in enhancing the look of the site, which in turn can be an important first step to generating online business.
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