Saturday, October 8, 2011

Web Analytics Solutions for E-commerce Merchants

Web analytics tools search to monitor and report on the interaction between Internet users and specific websites or marketing initiatives for the purpose of improving those interactions and it tend to focus on on-site data collection.

  • Clicky: Clicky is a very good, real-time web analytics solutions that focuses on making using web analytics simple.
  • Google Analytics: Google Analytics is one of the single most popular web analytics tools and a mainstay of entrepreneurs and small business marketers. The solution offers many of the features found in enterprise-level solutions, but is available for free to anyone.
  • IBM Coremetrics: The IBM Coremetrics web analytics suite is built to quickly provide actionable information that will help marketers succeed. With Coremetrics, a marketer is really getting a complete online marketing optimization tool kit. And also information about social media, email, and advertising return on investment.
  • Mint: Mint is a web analytics solution and it is particularly good for marketers that publish a lot of content that is syndicated and read using RSS feed readers.
  • Piwik: Piwik is an open source, real-time web analytics solutions that runs on a user's own web servers. The solution also has an extended development community.
  • Reinvigorate: Reinvigorate uses globally-distributed tracking code to monitor real-time site traffic data, provide industry-leading heatmaps, and offer known user tagging to help site owners with personalized marketing analysis. The solution starts at just $10 per month, and is promising to add many new features, including Ajax tracking.
  • SiteCatalyst: The SiteCatalyst web analytics solution helped the company increase its checkout conversion rate some 70 percent. SiteCatalyst is also part of the Adobe Online Marketing Suite, which includes some of the best social media, mobile and video engagement measurement tools.
  • Snoobi: Snoobi's web analytics solutions include several e-commerce specific tools aimed specifically at helping online merchants learn which marketing and advertisings tactics are generating the most sales.
  • Truviso: Truviso offers a scalable and real-time suite of analytics solutions, including visitor data, online advertising data, and online video measurement.
  • VisiStat: VisiStat is a web analytics solution aimed at small and medium sized businesses. This tool has many advanced features, it aims to simplify analytics reporting and provide very clear and actionable data.
  • Webtrends: The solution has a long history and is considered by some to be a leader in mobile and social media data collection. This is another solution were marketers will need to contact the company for specific pricing, since the product is configurable.
  • Woopra: Woopra allows users to filter site traffic data by community, feed reader traffic, email, and social media. The solution has an excellent user interface too.

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